Fuel-level Sensors Omnicomm LLS AF-4

Main Applications

We’ve reworked the hardware design of the new Omnicomm LLS-AF4 to achieve even greater stability. This seriously robust and efficient sensor is intended for use with cheaper terminals that  don’t yet support connection of the LLS 4 digital sensor over RS232/RS485 interfaces.

The LLS-AF 4 has analog and frequency-modulated outputs protected by galvanic insulation and works independently throughout the range of power supply voltage. It is equipped with a ‘Tough Road Conditions’ mode, as well as an enhanced cable connection slot that is ultra-resistant to humidity.

The LLS-AF 4 has an improved ingress protection rating of IP-69K.


Main Features

  • Extreme accuracy of up to 99.5%
  • Fully certified across the board: E-mark, CE, FCC
  • Compatible with third-party vehicle trackers
  • Consistently high quality with mere 0.009% warranty claims
  • Tamper-proof body for extended reliability and durability
  • Highest possible ingress protection rating IP69K, allowing high-pressure hot-water washes
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