Fuel-level Sensors Omnicomm LLS Ex-5

Main Applications

OMNICOMM LLS-Ex 5 is the explosion-proof version of OMNICOMM LLS 5, using OMNICOMM’s auto-adjusting Fuelscan® technology to guarantee unprecedented accuracy of 99.5% in all conditions.


Factors as diverse as oil manufacturing methods, additives used in gasoline production, switching from winter to summer fuel, fuelling at different stations and switching from diesel to gasoline in stationary storage tanks affect the physical characteristics of filled fuel. Capacitive sensors measure a specific characteristic (dielectric permittivity) that can differ significantly from the dielectric permittivity of the fuel used during calibration – causing errors in fuel-level calculations of up to 30%.


Using measurements from an additional probe in the sensor to compare filled fuel characteristics with the fuel used for calibration and calculate measurements accordingly, this sensor sets a new industry standard and is twice as accurate as regular capacitive fuel-level sensors.


The sensor reduces maintenance and re-calibration needs with the ability to compensate for errors in initial calibration, an issue that affects 20% of installed sensors. It provides precise fuel accounting for fleet owners and builds customer loyalty for installation partners who can confidently deliver on promises of accuracy.


OMNICOMM LLS-Ex 5 features additional explosion protection and is designed for use in equipment operating in potentially hazardous areas. It can be installed in mobile and stationary fuel tanks and storages up to 6 meters in height. 

Main Features

  • Extreme accuracy of up to 99.5%
  • Fully certified across the board: E-mark, CE, FCC
  • No false alarms with unique data filtering algorithm
  • Consistently high quality with mere 0.009% warranty claims
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